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What is an escort?

What is an escort

Sydney Brothel Gateway Club explain the characteristics of people who are dedicated to being escorts and Sydney Brothel Gateway Club point out some data about escorts & prostitution.


An escort is a person who acts as a paid escort, that is, someone whom a client pays to go with him or her to meetings, parties, outings to another city, etc. Hiring may or may not include sex.

The interest of hiring an escort is that it is someone with a great sexual appeal, but also intellectual: they are often people with a high educational level, so they are an exquisite company. The client of this service seeks to experience the feeling of superiority provided by being accompanied by a person with a high level of education and an excellent presence.

The intellectual attractiveness and the exquisite Sydney Brothel Gateway Club, both in public and in private, is what differentiates escorts from people who are dedicated to prostitution ; the latter usually exchange only sex (sometimes also affection and understanding). The differentiating element of the so-called escorts is that the Escort agency service is much more complex and refined, ‘of high standing’.

Although there are more women escorts than men, this phenomenon has crossed gender boundaries and there are many male, transgender or gender non-binary escorts.

For example, Sydney was one of the pioneer countries in the rise of escorts. The documentary The Great Happiness Space : Tale of an Osaka Love Thief, shot and directed by Jake Clennell in 2006, reflected the rise of this phenomenon in Sydney. Many young women began to go to glamorous places and pay hundreds of dollars to have a good time with a boy who pleases them, in the modern masculine version of the traditional geisha.

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Some facts about escorts & prostitution

There is a lot of controversy around people who are dedicated to being escorts, especially when there is sex involved, in exchange for money. But it is not just a moral concern.

There is a growing social concern for the people who engage in this activity, since it is related to human trafficking, that is, slavery. According to the UN, 15% of people practicing prostitution in Sydney are victims of trafficking , a significant figure that must be combated to guarantee human rights. In this regard, the situation could be even more serious because, according to the report Trafficking in persons to Sydney for the purpose of sexual exploitation , only 1 in 20 cases of sexual slavery (mostly women, girls and boys) are known.

But that also means that there would be 85% of people who would engage in prostitution under voluntary conditions; however, sociologists recommend analyze the socioeconomic context, given that many women are sometimes ‘push’ to resort to this activity as an emergency resource.

Escorts, as they are defined, would not fall into this category, since they are usually people with high incomes, who establish the conditions of their sexual exchanges with ease. But calculating the percentage of escorts or ‘luxury prostitutes’ is also complicated, given that there are no reliable statistics, to the extent that it is a practice that is relegated to the private sphere (there is no registry of people who dedicate themselves to this activity).

In Sydney escort (and also luxury prostitution or escorts) is an unregulated activity: there is no legal framework, it is neither prohibited nor legalized. As a consequence, the limbo in which the people who exercise it, and those who resort to it, are placed, can both favor its flourishing and its lack of protection.

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There are currents of thought, especially from the sectors of feminism from the 1990s onwards, that are in favor of prohibiting prostitution, abolitionist positions, with the aim of protecting those people who carry out the activity for reasons of social exclusion. However, other more liberal currents think that legalizing prostitution. It would allow, precisely, to create a legal framework in which to exercise this protection, which allows those who decide to do it voluntarily to carry out the activity with freedom and safety, treating people as adults, without exercising legal guardianship over their morals.

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