Types of mushrooms: good mushrooms and bad mushrooms

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The mushroom is quite a character, sometimes good and sometimes bad. It is everywhere, in nature, in forests, deserts, in humid places like the refrigerator and even in our body, but you can buy shrooms online

what do you know about edible mushrooms?

nupepshrooms are a group of eukaryotic organisms among which are molds, yeasts and mushrooms. They do not have the presence of chlorophyll in their formation and their reproduction is through the expansion of their spores.

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In the words of chef, creator of La : “they are spores that are formed over several years and are generated in different types of trees,

so there is a great variety, that differentiates the type of fungus that you will have in the region. In Milpa Alta there are ocotal and some oaks ”.

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Because they are important?

There as you see them, fungi degrade all material of plant and animal origin. In addition, they recycle nutrients, for example the plant remains that are discarded, the fungi degrade them, consume them and at the same time feed other organisms.

But not all their importance lies in their goodness, but in that they cause various diseases in plants to the extent of ruining many crops. In fact, they are also part of humans, they affect us with mycosis that can damage any part of the body, but beware, they also help us balance the microorganisms that we have.

Some types of edible mushrooms:

Masayel mushroom. It is located where there are ocotales and its cost is approximately 100 pesos per kilo.
Belly mushroom. It has a fleshy orange hat 5 to 10 cm in diameter. It is frequently found in dry leaves.

Clavito mushroom. It grows in large clusters joined at the base and has a cap 2 to 10 cm in diameter. It grows on the ground, in oak forests and its approximate cost is 220 pesos per kilo.

Escobetilla mushroom. It is shaped like a cauliflower, is yellow in color and is approximately 7 to 8 cm tall.
Morels. Dark brown, long and with a thick trunk.

What about the collection?

It should be mentioned that the best time to find mushrooms is from June to August, in the rainy season. “When you go to collect them, do not pull them directly by the roots, you have to leave the root inside, which is covered with the same grass and thus, next year you will have another fungus.

With a razor you cut the mushroom at ground level ”, affirms chef Jorge Córcega, who confessed that he is not specialized in mushrooms, as he should have studied more about them, however, the years that he has lived in Milpa Alta are what they have given you the experience.

“We must be used to our environment, to eat what nature gives us seasonally,” he said. In addition, a tip that the chef gives us is not to cut them too small, better wait for them to grow a little, there will not be much waiting since they grow very quickly, in days, due to the humidity.

Tips after harvesting

After harvesting, you can keep them in a cardboard box and newspaper, but not for many days. How to cook them? “You do not have to wash them, you have to scrape them with the knife, remove the dirt, clean them with a damp cloth with clean water, why?

Because the taste of the fungus is precisely the humidity and the Earth, that’s what it should know”, he emphasizes the chef, who usually cooks them with onion, garlic, oil or lard and epazote. He prepares mushroom sopes, quesadillas, and mushroom mole, always respecting the natural flavor of this food.

Tip. When you start to see the mushroom a little white from the top, of the hat, buy it if you are going to consume it that day, if not, preferably not. If the mushroom has a firm texture, it is fresh.

How to identify edible mushrooms and those that are poisonous?

The first time you go to collect mushrooms you should go with a guide, however, nature is wise, for example if around the mushroom or on top you see that the mushroom has ants or a bug, that’s fine, it means that the mushroom is edible , it’s life; otherwise no animal would stop at a poisonous mushroom.

Do not touch the colored mushrooms since you can be allergic with the simple contact; Chef Jorge Córcega, who also told us, tells us that he has eaten mushrooms from Puebla, Tlaxcala and Morelos.


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