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7 Tips To Grow Your Digital Business


If you are an  entrepreneur ,  freelancer  or owner of an  SME,  one of your greatest obsessions will be to grow your business. A good way to grow if you have a limited budget is to do  digital marketing . These techniques will help you achieve exponential growth, reach more customers, and earn more money.

Here we offer you 7 ideas to increase the reach of your  company :

Use a Call To Action on Social Networks

If you want your social media followers to   do something .why don’t you influence them? Using a  call to action  ( CTA ) will help you direct your audience to take actions such as filling out a  form , viewing a video or sharing your publication.


It is important that your  call to action  is clear, concise and possibly creative. Using the  imperative  is also highly recommended and effective. These types of verbs encourage the user to take action, which brings them closer to doing what we want them to do. Throwing questions before asking for an action is also a good way to grab the user’s attention.

The use of good CTAs in  social media  will increase  traffic  from social networks to your website and, therefore, will help you  grow your business , so… don’t miss your chance buy jogging palm angels!

Increase the Testimonials of your Company on the Internet and on your Web

With the advent of the Internet, people have more and more  capacity to inform themselves . In this context, more and more users check the   internet  before making a  purchase decision and look for  testimonials to make sure they are making the right decision. What do you think if we use this to our advantage ?

Every time you have a client happy with your  services , push them to leave a  testimonial  on the internet about your services. You can encourage these actions by giving a  discount coupon  in exchange for the customer leaving his opinion on Google Reviews, Facebook or portals such as Tripadvisor. Of course, do not influence his comment. The user has to be  free  to write what he wants and really show the essence of your business from his point of view.

Another very important aspect is to incorporate  testimonials on your website . Including customer experiences with your services or products on your website will give you credibility and convince the user that you are the  right company . If your  business  offers services, it is also advisable to include examples of work already done.

Offer Discount Coupons

The  discount coupons  are also a very good way to retain and engage your customers. Today, loyalty to a customer is much cheaper and easier than attracting a new one. With this clear, taking care of our clients becomes our highest priority in any sector.

An idea that works very well is to launch a  pop-up on page  offering a  discount     to users who were going to leave our site. It is interesting to add a short time limit (24 hours) to be able to redeem the code. In this way we will be offering them an incentive to make the  purchase  and we will be pushing them to make it as soon as possible. as example like this live stream movies site.

Another very interesting action that any  ecommerce  should carry out is to send a  discount code  to users who have left a product in their  cart  without buying. These users may have regretted it at the last minute, or they are looking for a  better deal  in another store to buy the same products. Therefore, in cases where the total amount of the cart is high, it is very profitable to offer a  discount code  to make the purchase effective.

Finally, I recommend that you  reward  your  most loyal customers  with discounts or special experiences. They will appreciate it and if they are happy with your brand they will probably tell their acquaintances about you. Loyalty and dissemination. A win-win manual.

Create a Lead Magnet

Getting a good  database  of people potentially interested in your products or services is a great way to get  sales . A good idea to obtain a high number of  quality leads  is to create a  lead magnet  that attracts users who respond to your  target .

A  lead magnet  is a content that the user can download if they leave their data in exchange in a form or subscription to a  newsletter . I recommend you ask for the  basic information  (name and email) in order to obtain greater acceptance among the public. Asking for too much data will create a barrier that will make you lose that contact, so ask for the minimum and if the lead heats up… you will ask for more data!

To give an example of a lead magnet, let’s imagine that we are an  SEO agency . A good idea would be to offer a PDF guide  . The forms to obtain this content will be visible on the  home page  of our website and will be disseminated on  social media  (do not forget to use a call to action .

Run Retargeting Campaigns

According to different studies, a user makes an average of  8 to 10 visits  to a website before making a  purchase . Knowing this  consumer behavior ,  retargeting  will allow us to stay in the user’s mind and be closer to getting them to buy our product or hire our services.

To do remarketing on your site, it is essential to install the Google pixel and the Facebook pixel on your website. Thanks to this, you will be able to show ads to users who have already visited your website and impact them while they are browsing other pages. Without a doubt one of the most effective ways to grow your business .

Bet on Inbound Marketing

If you don’t have a high budget and want to achieve good long-term results, inbound marketing is your friend. As we have commented before, users are increasingly informed before purchasing a product . That includes reading articles and watching videos to learn more about the product or service they are going to include.

Creating a content strategy for your blog will position your brand as an expert in the sector and attract quality traffic to your website. It is important that the user can jump from the article to the products or services page in a simple way, so I recommend you use the right sidebar of your website to include striking CTAs and that your blog traffic becomes quality traffic on your services page.

blog will also allow you to have a more fluid relationship with your users and retain them . It is important that you listen to your audience and answer their questions at all times, either through a new article or through social networks in case of more specific questions.

Ask for Feedback to your Clients

If your customers are the most important thing to you … why don’t you ask them more what they want? Throwing questions to your audience will give you a clearer idea about the needs of your customers and about everything they expect of you. This will help you meet their needs and personalize your products to give them the best possible experience, which will help you grow your business you can also use co-browsing software to improve customer support like.

There are thousands of ways to ask and learn more about your customers. From pop-ups to direct users or questionnaires , to personalized emails or surveys on social networks. More than the medium, the most important thing is that you listen to your audience and apply improvements in your company to meet their demands.


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