The Secrets Of Creating A Popular Blog

I present to you my translation of a wonderful article written by successful blogger In my opinion, this is the best thing written about blogging. If you are planning to start an Internet busines, be sure to read this article. Trust me, she’s worth it!

I had three important reasons why my blog became successful :

Specific purpose and focus – you can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want

Content creation is what I spend the most time on. Content and understanding that your audience is your king.

Promotion of materials – the steps that I took to bring the blog to the market. Everything is easy to reproduce. Only proceed to this stage after the second one is completed. Without quality content, all your marketing efforts will be ineffective.

Each step builds on the previous one, so it’s important to follow the sequence. Let’s look at each stage in detail.

It is very important to understand why you are starting a blog. What is your motivation?

I had three incentives:

To share my knowledge and experience of my inner growth with others, mental development and the search for happiness. These are the topics I read, think about and talk about in my spare time. My dream is to work in the Facebook field of self-improvement. I have many ideas related to the improvement of life. I want to build my audience before I start working on these ideas.

Achieving my financial goals was related to leaving my job and devoting full time to my self-development.

Defining my target audience and the topics I wanted to cover was difficult, but ultimately it is vital to the success of any business and project.


I wanted to build a blog around things that I am interested in: self-development, photography, technology and entrepreneurship. But I was aware that such a vague combination of topics could confuse people. Ultimately, if I want to get more followers beyond my family and friends, the site should focus less on my interests and more on the needs and desires of my audience. The interests of my target audience are a healthy lifestyle and personal growth. This means that the thematic sphere includes creativity, clarity and happiness.

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