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The Amazing Spring Mushrooms

This is how the popular saying goes and, in fact, in March it is quite normal to expect more variability and more alternations of first t and spring pores with further cold outbursts or even icy winds from the east or north.

Although Climate Change is in fact distorting the normal climate trend, in March it is far from unlikely, indeed almost certain that, the first sub-tropical warmths rising along the Atlantic Ocean, can provoke cold responses, in the form of temporary ones, how fast, icy advections descending towards Italy.

This does not mean that Global Warming of the Planet does not exist and that it is therefore the invention of a certain part of exalted environmentalists.

It is simply completely normal that the latent cold masses. Facebook In Spring Mushroom the far north remain rather stationary as long as the days are very short or there is no light, while the heat remains concentrated much further south.


However, things change rapidly, starting from the moment in which the hours of light become greater than the hours of darkness and, as the heat increases, it begins to push north, bringing more than a warm advection on our peninsula.

In this period of the year the transitions from cold to hot, or vice versa, can sometimes be very rapid.

If in fact there is a temperate or warm anticyclone present on Italy , this could remain semi-stationary for a long time but, this does not mean that a temporary retreat towards Africa or the lower Atlantic may favor a sudden descent towards Italy. of masses of air still very cold.

Unfortunately, one of the peculiar characteristics of the current climate crisis is the concentration of water vapor, of humid air, within well-defined areas, in which atmospheric phenomena are becoming more and more intense, surrounded however by very large expanses of territories affected by air. dry, hot or cold.

We know, or we should have finally learned it, that mushrooms have particular needs in order to vegetate and reproduce: they need rather constant temperatures, with few temperature changes, but above all they need adequate and constant humidity over time.

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