Palm Angels – The Future of Streetwear

Palm Angels – The Future of Streetwear

palm angels

A young Italian designer, Francesco Ragazzi, has created the popular label Palm Angels after working for Moncler for a decade. This Californian streetwear label has gained cult status thanks to its innovative design and street culture influences. Originally conceived as an art project, the collection now boasts bold prints and bold colours. A true combination of luxury and streetwear, the label’s pieces are a perfect blend of both worlds.

Originally a photography book about Los Angeles skate culture, Palm Angels has grown into a full apparel line for men and women. Its logo and designs have been adopted by several high-profile brands. The Italian designer has made an effort to elevate skate culture and is working to expand the label’s line into women’s clothing. He has also made the brand a lifestyle brand with the aim of becoming a part of the L.A. skateboard scene and will be collaborating with many other companies in the near future.

The company started as a coffee-table book inspired by skate culture in Southern California. It has since expanded into a full-fledged line of casualwear, including a ‘Kill the Bear’ headless mascot. The brand has been a huge hit amongst skaters and urbanites alike, and its ethos has helped it become a household name. But what about the future of Palm Angels?

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