Mushroom picking: Here are the 10 rules of the good mushroom hunter!


Mushroom picking : Autumn has arrived again this year and mushrooms are starting to pop up all over the island , which is why I started a one-week special dedicated to mushroom picking in Sardinia for two days you can also buy magic mushrooms canada .



Today I present to you the decalogue drawn up by the State Forestry Corps so that you can go looking for mushrooms in complete safety , in fact it is not uncommon to hear of people who have been lost, or have had illness while they were going through the woods, perhaps in inaccessible areas where they did not catch.

not even cell phones. If you find yourself in difficulty and you have a field, remember that you can contact 1515 , the Environmental Emergency number of the State Forestry Corps , or the Forestry and Environmental Supervision Corps of the Sardinia Region .

The 10 rules for safe mushroom picking :

  1. Read up on the itinerary and choose the paths suitable for your physical and mental abilities;
  2. Communicate your movements before embarking on the excursion ;
  3. Avoid going into the woods alone , the presence of a companion is a guarantee of first aid. Advice that is valid double for those suffering from important pathologies (for example those at risk of heart attack);
  4. Before departure, consult the weather reports and constantly observe the evolution of atmospheric conditions on site. In case of bad weather, do not stop near trees, stones and sharp objects as they could attract lightning;
  5. Choose clothing and equipment suitable for the  commitment and length of the excursion: trekking shoes, cell phone, lamp and knife are recommended. I also recommend a fluorescent harness if you decide to go to the woods on days when hunting is also open;
  6. If you are not sure of the edibility of the mushrooms collected , carry out a check at the Mycological Inspectorates or the Local Health Authority ;
  7. The daily harvest should not exceed three kilos per person . Find out if the municipality where you want to go to look for mushrooms has issued a regulation on the subject ;
  8. Do not use rakes or hooks that can damage the mycelium;
  9. Immediately clean the fungus from the residues of branches, leaves and soil to ensure its integrity;
  10. Collected mushrooms must be transported in rigid and ventilated containers  (like a nice wicker basket, ed). The use of plastic bags does not allow the spread of fungal spores in the forest. Lack of ventilation causes deterioration of the product.


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