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5 Unconventional Knowledge About Business That You Can’t Learn From Books.

In life whether it’s personal or people around me when you see people that are positive that looking something good and something bad that took place they move along in life faster they’re veteran and people want to be around these people.

I mean too often people gossip the one gossip person wants to be around the other person that gossips but they don’t realize when you gossip you’re saying something heard about somebody else you’re

  • telling everybody what if part of it was wrong you had to go out and tell every person you told this oh I’m sorry it was wrong tell everybody you told it’s not gonna happen so it seems you learn about don’t gossip don’t belittle people if you don’t have to god please don’t try and look at the positive angle what good could come out of
  • something and that positiveness is gonna make you live longer happier and wake up in the morning happy not oh my god I gotta go to work I can’t wait til I get home I want to retire because people are not positive
  • they’re not happy what happens they retire they hate their job they retire three or four years later their debts they have nothing to do that positive attitude be around positive people encourage positiveness if you find yourself walking around just complaining all the time around people that complain a lot man move or just try and
  • do something different change your life being positive and a positive attitude is find something positive and something bad makes you look for solutions when I was down and out okay whoo Oh pop bottles let’s get
  • the pop files cash them in I think everybody has fear all wrong people have so many theories about fear they talk about while I’m afraid of success know I’m afraid of failure I’m afraid of intimacy I’m afraid of heights I’m afraid of this I’m afraid of that I’m afraid of the other thing there’s actually only two fears only two and if you’re in

5 Unconventional Knowledge About Business That You Can’t Learn From Books.

sales which you are or even if you’re not life is about persuading people life is about influencing people and fear is the invisible force that will make you ineffective at that it will stop you now I love JK Rollins as an example I mean we all know the Harry Potter series but

what a lot of people don’t know about her she talks a lot about fear she struggled with major depression do you know she was unemployed and she wrote the original idea for Harry Potter on a napkin while she was on state benefits she was then rejected by  publishing

  • houses and this by the way was after she was divorced bankrupt and a single mom of a kid pushed herself pushed herself pushed herself she talks a lot about fear and about failure well you know we know the moral of the story she
  • just kept going of course she was afraid but she had the good kind of fear not the bad kind of fear most people do a lot of talking and most people don’t put in the effort there’s nothing you can’t accomplish in life with the right amount of work the challenge is you know are you willing to do the work and the
  • reality is most people aren’t but that’s the opportunity right is I mean it’s like people you know at school most people are lazy right they just they barely get through it and and so that creates opportunity I tell my kids that a if
  • they want something they’re gonna have to earn it yeah and B if they don’t work hard enough to earn it I’m going to sell them off as medical experiments that’s the line in our house you need money okay we’ll set you off as a medical experiment we can get you money that way we’ll give blood dad I’m seven I don’t care if

you want to be an inventor of any kind of venting a new you know a new service offering for customers or a new product or anything the being an inventor requires because the world is so complicated you have to be a domain expert I mean in a way even if even if you’re not the beginning you have to learn learn learn learn learn enough so should become a domain expert but the danger is once you’ve become a domain expert you can be trapped by that knowledge and so inventors have this paradoxical ability to have that you know ,

hours of practice and be a real domain expert and have that beginner’s mind have that that look at it freshly even though they know so much about the domain and that’s the key to inventing you have to have both and I think that is intentional I think all of us have that inside of us and we could all do it but you have to be intentional about it you have to say yeah I am going to become an expert and I’m gonna keep my beginner’s mind if I had email I would be inundated I choose not to have email or ever turn a computer on now all my

companies are state of the art technologically advanced if I want something printed out its printed out for me but I do this out of choice I’d rather make a phone call to you or write you a letter and communicate the way you deserve to

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