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Baked Capon Stuffed With Mushrooms


I rarely cook capon in the oven except for special occasions such as end-of-year celebrations, Christmas dinner or Thanksgiving , especially since we are in a small community. A recipe for capon stuffed with Buy Magic Mushroom Online and bread crouton with all the tips for successful cooking and having tender, moist meat.

To change from the roast chicken that I cooked with all the sauces, I therefore decided to buy a capon a few weeks before Thanksgiving in order to be sure to find some, especially since the stalls are empty at this time. speed.

At home, we have a preference for poultry, my daughters are not very fond of red meat and when the opportunity arises and they smell the good smell that emanates from the kitchen, they are very happy because they know that they will enjoy themselves.

How to Cook a Capon to Keep It Soft :

There are a few important points in order to obtain good cooking and above all the guarantee of having a capon that remains soft.

  1. Take the capon out at room temperature 2 hours in advance.
  2. Tie the legs with thread so that the humidity is preserved in the heart of the capon.
  3. Water the capon every 30 minutes.
  4. Add a stuffing to keep the flesh tender.


How to know that the capon is cooked :

It takes approximately 2h30 to 3 hours of cooking (everything will depend on the weight of the capon). The best method remains the thermometer which should display 76C or the old-fashioned method by pricking Facebook it if the juice is transparent this means that the capon is cooked otherwise prolong the cooking for a few minutes. At the end of cooking I turn on the grill in order to have a crispy skin but this remains optional.

What a stuffing for a capon :

There are different stuffings that can be used in the capon as well as in a turkey, usually I use herb stuffing for the Thanksgiving turkey made with croutons, onion, celery, herbs and butter it is excellent you can also use it to use in the capon.

Today’s stuffing is made with Buy Magic Mushroom Online, celery, onions and herbs of your choice: sage, thyme, rosemary and we finish with croutons reduced to breadcrumbs.

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